thumb_02_60_60Christopher Ghobashy‎

My Family and I just had the most amazing delicious dinner here. Edwin, the manager, is the best! Truly a great dining experience, would recommend this! Also this dessert tasted as good as it looked!

thumb_02_60_60 Dave Lambitious

Attended brunch on a Saturday!
Great food & Great service from beginning to end.
Definitely going back. Can’t wait to see what dinner is like.

Tanya Bagne

Had a party on Saturday and Great American BBQ catered for us. Definitely the way to go. Thank you so much. People raved about the food all day. If you are having a party in the near future – book now!!!!! It was sooooooo great.


Everything very good, well prepared and no complaints. Neighborhood restaurant and this must be Maybe our 50 or 60th visit over the years. Maybe more, Will be back.

thumb_02_60_60 jnine

Sam’s is my neighborhood “go to spot”. Always a pleasurable dining experience.


The food at Sam’s is always good. The service is reliable with the waiters being friendly, helpful and attentive. The prices are moderate. You never feel rushed when dining here.

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Executive Chef – Robb Garceau

Restaurant – 914-949-0978

Hathaway Hall – 914-949-3543